Monday, 8 August 2011

What is your favorite apparel?

Hello, I have a quesiton for you! what is your favorite apparel to wear on some of your occasions, please leave a comment below :) very much appreciated.
My three favorite things are:
My sunglasses
yes these are mine, they work very well and I got them for free
My belt 
paid some good money for this fine piece, logo of Billabong 

Guess Watch
last but not least my epic watch, that my brother got my for my 16th birthday! it is one of my very valued items 

these are what i usually wear when i go out, What do you wear?

To all Xbox 360 players!

Yes, I play the Xbox 360, and it is quite an amazing machine, although no blue ray or web browsing like the Ps3 it does come with its nice brand of exclusive games, like Halo.
My gamertag: For Th3 W1n
I will be playing Cod Black Ops often, so hit me up if you would like to play sometime.
I would like to read your comments on what you think Black Ops is like for you, ex. what you like about it/dis-like, and what your thoughts are about the new MW3 coming out in the near future!

Back Ops to me is just like any other Cod game, run around shooting weapons all that great shit, but what I like about this one is that you actually have time to kill someone cause it doesn't take 2 bullets to kill someone unlike Mw2. But this isn"t  always the a good thing cause you have to plug more bullets into your enemy also.


Yes I know Mincecraft is all over the web now-a-days, because notch made such an interesting game I would like to give him props and hope that the new adventure update that is to come will be a good one and make the game even better than what it is now. I have played Minecraft almost since it came out and it has been a  great adventure, killing creepers zombies skeletons and spiders! I really wish Minecraft will be the game of the year for PC and get a lot of awards because of its unique game style, although the knock-offs are retarded (Fortress craft) they still somewhat bring relevance to Minecraft because everyone that plays it would have already known about Minecraft. Which just goes to show how great Minecraft is, I hope you all have the chance to play such a game, and if you haven't I suggest you go play it right now at

Please comment on what you think about minecraft or what your thoughts are about the new adventure update/ fortresscraft!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Beginning of a New Deck

So it is to believed that the beginning was created by the big bang, or in other words from nothing... What I believe is that something put us here, for some reason. I don't why or how, but I'am curious to what it was trying to accomplish from a humans perspective. But enough of this talk, it time to talk about some of my things I like to do! The first and genuine to myself is shuffling cards. I know it doesn't seem much, but you haven't seen my deck of cards. Second of all would be playing video games, I play a variety of games on my Xbox 360 and my PC, such as MineCraft and Black Ops. The third and last thing I like to do is smoke marijuana with my buds (<-- corny joke) and have a good time. These are my main things I do in life, and I am proud of it. Even if it doesn't seem like much, it really does take up most of my life.