Monday, 8 August 2011


Yes I know Mincecraft is all over the web now-a-days, because notch made such an interesting game I would like to give him props and hope that the new adventure update that is to come will be a good one and make the game even better than what it is now. I have played Minecraft almost since it came out and it has been a  great adventure, killing creepers zombies skeletons and spiders! I really wish Minecraft will be the game of the year for PC and get a lot of awards because of its unique game style, although the knock-offs are retarded (Fortress craft) they still somewhat bring relevance to Minecraft because everyone that plays it would have already known about Minecraft. Which just goes to show how great Minecraft is, I hope you all have the chance to play such a game, and if you haven't I suggest you go play it right now at

Please comment on what you think about minecraft or what your thoughts are about the new adventure update/ fortresscraft!


  1. Minecraft is an amazing game man, its sucked so many of my days away its crazy, and yeah the new update thats supposed to come out soon, the game looks even better, i cant wait

  2. The knockoffs ARE retarded, especially the inter-system ports. But hell, Lamecraft for the PSP proves that it can be ported in some way to C++ or C, and the several Android ports prove it can be shrunken a bit, although it probably affects the content a lot...

    Also, Mincecraft sounds like a delicious game. :3

  3. Minecraft can be pretty epic with a good group of friends. I know I've poured too many hours to count into the game to count.

    I'd really like them to expand upon the ideas in the game; the freedom is a great things, and something that is sorely missed in the studios of modern games. Can't wait for more content!