Monday, 8 August 2011

What is your favorite apparel?

Hello, I have a quesiton for you! what is your favorite apparel to wear on some of your occasions, please leave a comment below :) very much appreciated.
My three favorite things are:
My sunglasses
yes these are mine, they work very well and I got them for free
My belt 
paid some good money for this fine piece, logo of Billabong 

Guess Watch
last but not least my epic watch, that my brother got my for my 16th birthday! it is one of my very valued items 

these are what i usually wear when i go out, What do you wear?


  1. You forgot to take a picture of your purse, I see you rocking that thing erday

  2. That's some pretty dope swag you got there, wear it with pride.

  3. Well wear whatever you want. I wear a V-neck and some straight legged jeans when I go out since that's what the girls seem to like.

  4. Gotta always have my watch. Can't be relying on those new pocket watches they call cell phones nowadays.

  5. like to wear my watch to, should always have a watch so you can spend time, not keep watch over it.

  6. I would probably chose the watch because I don't look good in glasses and i don't really like belts.

  7. Watch and a bracelet. That's about it.

    Don't really count my glasses.

  8. sunglasses are a little too... Jullianne Moore haha
    I like the belt though

  9. Sunglasses, or a belt. Also, TheGamerDaily is right.